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Our API is designed with a dual purpose in mind, covering both the banking and family office sectors, two areas with unique but often complementary needs. In the banking world, where security, efficiency and speed are crucial, our API integrates seamlessly to automate manual processes, such as obtaining ISIN and DGS codes for investment portfolio transfers. Doing so not only streamlines internal operations, but also improves the customer experience, who no longer has to worry about the technical details of the transfer, and optimises the bank's KPIs, such as the ratio of portfolios transferred, since in a process without human intervention the repudiation rate is 0.

For family offices, wealth management is a task that requires a detailed and consolidated view of multiple assets. This is where our API shines, providing accurate, recurring, real-time data aggregation that enables better decision making. The ability to provide more detailed and up-to-date reporting simplifies the work of financial advisors and enables a more personalised and efficient service.

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