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Access to banks

If you needan API to access Banco Santander, Caixabank or a remote bankOur API makes it possible, in a synchronous way and always respecting a consistent response scheme.

The usual APIs, based onPSD2are limited to access only to current accounts (payment accounts according to PSD2 nomenclature) for banks in the European Union. In the case of Wealth Reader, there are no geographical or product type limitations. We have the necessary experience to create and maintain robust connectors that guarantee complete and detailed access to all financial products and access to any entity in Spain, or outside Spain, is no problem.

The financial products to which we provide access include: balances and transactions, as well as IBANs and ownership of current accounts; credit and debit card position, transaction and ownership information; details of direct debit mandates, including payer data and the respective PDF file; contract conditions, ownership and amortisation table for loans; composition and transactional activity of investment portfolios, including ISIN, MIC and DGS codes as applicable; and conditions, policyholders and coverage of contracted insurance policies.

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